Non-directed Retreats

Sometimes the need is to just find a place of beauty and peace to pray or read or study or meditate or contemplate or decide or hike or ride or paint or sleep or write or build or shoot (pictures that is) or relax or … you get the idea. Come with your own agenda – or no agenda at all – and enjoy the peace.

  • Individual Non-directed Retreats
  • Married Couples Non-directed Retreats
  • Small Group Non-directed Retreats

Directed Retreats

Other times you may be looking for inspiration, instruction, input, ideas, additional training, community, conversation, help with your marriage, a guide for your spiritual journey. Directed retreats are available on a wide spectrum of subject areas.

  • Individual Directed Retreats
  • Married Couples Directed Retreats
  • Small Group Directed Retreats